Monday, September 10, 2007

Dark Days

I do have to say something about the past two dismal Saturday afternoons at Michigan Stadium, although there aren't really words to describe it.

I can't believe that so many people would boo a team out there, fighting hard and doing their best. Or that so many would leave in disgust. This past Saturday was an especially brutal afternoon, as Michigan just stank. Somehow I felt like a real fan, staying until the end, moving further and further up in the student section as more and more people left. I guess that to really appreciate your team, you have to see them down.

Mike Hart is amazing. Oh, and the last time we started 0-2, we finished 10-3. That bodes well.

I do have to admit that Saturday when I got home, I went straight for the liquor cabinet. I've done that... never... not even after teaching those terrible days last year.



So I solved one problem today to be faced with two more. Gotta love it.

Coaching is fun. Today I handled high school girl drama/conflict and actually think they learned something from it. Of course, by opening up for some discussion, now they've given me two more problems to think about.

I think it may be possible that my brain will just burst.

The good news is, I have no practice tomorrow night.

All in all, I have handled the first four weeks of the season rather well, I think. I have been happier, have only dissolved into a crying mess one time, and made some time for myself. Unfortunately, I add another thing to the to-do list tomorrow when my fall class at EMU starts up.

I have a wonderful, calm, peaceful class of 19 boys and 6 girls this year in fourth grade. It is amazing what going in to work and not being verbally assaulted every day will do for your job morale.

There are many, many pictures to post- a trip to Boston, a new bathroom floor and vanity, new nephew pics... and much more going on in life. Hopefully I'll get back to this more soon.

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