Monday, June 09, 2008

The Neverending School Year

So... snow day today. Not a snow day, really, a thunderstorm/power outage day. If power is restored (while the thunder rolls outside my window as I write) tomorrow, the last day for kids is tomorrow.

If not... who knows?

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Why isn't it my real job?

Coaching. Two developments this week.

1) They hired someone to fill my position as the girls' high school coach. She is extremely good, with lots of experience. I am gleefully handing over my meet records, e-mail addresses, etc., and am planning what I will do with my empty month of August...

2) Tonight was the start of the summer diving season. There was a five week spring session that was a bit of a challenge... lots of kids, teaching at the same time, no competitions for them. It was a bit rough. After a week off, I was dreading going back into the pool tonight. However... it was the best night ever! I took the beginner group, and coached 7 kids with little to no diving experience. However, they were brave and coordinated. It's great when a six-year-old starts the practice crying (shy and nervous) and finishes with a huge smile on his face despite the welt on his back from smacking on a front flip.

So... I had so much fun. I need to find that fun for the last five days of teaching with my students. (Yes, five. Those snow days came back to haunt me.)

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