Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three Years

The anniversary of living in this house for three years passed me by this year... Mostly due to relief at being done with just about everything, and actually enjoying the house!

Here is this year's list of things completed:
  • Landscaping out back- tearing up grass, putting in a few plants and bushes
  • Putting in the hardwood floors in the main room, stairs, and landing upstairs
  • painting the basement
  • trim on the main floor and in the basement
  • carpeting the basement
  • paying to have the basement waterproofed
  • moving the office downstairs to clear the room for a baby room
  • basement drapes
  • tiling the bathroom downstairs, by the fireplace, and basement door
  • drywalling & painting the bathroom downstairs
  • new toilet in the basement
No pictures just yet... I have to get one of the cameras out and charged up.

The projects for this year include:
putting in the thresholds between rooms
crown molding in the basement
finishing touches on the bathroom in the basement
New kitchen countertops?
Fixing the electrical running into the house like the inspector told us to do three years ago

Other major improvements for very future planning if we're here long enough:
new windows
a garage
new driveway
a deck out back
drywalling/new flooring in the laundry room?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confused Crocuses

It's almost 60 degrees today... and when I got home, the snow was melted and my crocuses were popping up.

Will they come back again later when winter is really over?